Who We Are


We founded Motion Press to exit outdated systems and enter into the 21st century neuroparadigm where we build better brains, bodies & businesses.

Internationally renowned anti-bullying advocate, author and expert, Barbara Coloroso endorsed Teaching Bullies with “Fraser’s focus on coaches and teachers is a new and important contribution to the field.” Motion Press is not afraid to articulate a new way. It aims to set in motion a revolution fueled by neuroscience and the courage to speak up.


Motion Press is built on the premise that the pen is mightier than the sword, and that knowledge is power. Applied neuroscientific research can transform your early childhood program, your school, your business or organization, and your life. It can help you survive the challenging adolescent years and it can oust bullying and abuse from your world.

Dr. Jennifer Fraser

Jennifer has just finished her fourth book, The Bullied Brain: What Neuroscientists Know about Brain Scars and How to Heal Them. Date of publication forth-coming!

Jennifer's TEDx Talk went live in August "Does Childhood Bullying Have Long-Term Impacts?" In our goal to harness neuroscientific research to protect, heal and grow our too-often neglected brains, we are excited about the TEDx Talk. Our hope is that telling the heart-breaking story of what bullying and abuse do to brains will galvanize teachers, coaches, parents, and all who work with children and youth to get informed and proactive about brain safety.


Her next project foregrounds the remarkable neuroplasticity of the adolescent brain in the school-to-career journey.

Brains grow, develop, flourish, suffer and decline in such similar ways it cuts across national and cultural lines. The more we learn about our brains, and especially the brains of our children, the more all people and organizations can fulfill their remarkable neurological potential.

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brandnew is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary

We transform lives for further greatness.

We empower the whole athlete to get in the game – body, mind, spirit and heart.

We believe the quality of life lived should equal the quality of sport played.

We transform the human doing, into a human being.

We inspire elite athletes to be extraordinary people.

That's the power of brandnew

Jennifer has teamed up with brandnew where she shares her insights into the harm done by abusive coaching and the benefits gained by positive coaching. Speaking directly to athletes as they navigate the world of elite sports and transition into their next career, Jennifer's videos for brandnew support athletes in one of the most important relationships they will have in their formative years.