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The practical applications of neuroscience: converting what we know to what we do

Watch for the series of videoed interviews that Dr. Jennifer Fraser will be doing with authors who write about careers during Canada Career Month.

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Neuroscientists are daily learning more and more critical insights into brain health, development and optimization.

Confirming decades of psychological and psychiatric research, neuroscientists have learned transformative knowledge about brain development that is not leaving the lab quickly enough to enhance the lives of those who need it.

Motion Press has entered into the new, neuroparadigm and we hope you join us. Check out our online courses to date:

  • On what bullying and abuse do to brains
  • On adolescent brain development & its life-and-death implications for young drivers
  • On the impact of alcohol, marijuana, and drugs on adolescent brains
  • On coaching & sports officiating, factoring in neuroscientific insights
  • On the neuroscience of early childhood care for parents & professionals
Jennifer Fraser, PhD, CCDP

Drawing on neuroscience and positive psychology to change behaviours

An award-winning educator, researcher and best-selling Amazon author, her online courses and workshops provide dynamic lessons in the impact neuroscientific knowledge has on personal development and culture-change.

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"I took two pages of notes with this presentation. It was fantastic! ... Excellent presentation style, excellent content. Dr. Fraser's talk on the neuroscience of bullying was captivating."

Lisa Licata
Senior Director of Professional Administrators
National Alliance of Youth Sports